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How to Clean Tile Flooring

Tile flooring may last a lifetime if properly maintained. Fortunately, compared to other flooring types, tile requires less upkeep. Warm water, a little soap or cleaning solution, and a chamois mop or cloth are all you need to keep the floor shiny and clean. Continue reading

How to Clean Stone Tile

Stone tile is both a beautiful and costly flooring investment. Therefore, you must utilize the correct cleaning products and procedures to care for them. Ammonia and bleach are common home cleaners that can harm stone tile; however, using natural solutions and techniques on your stone flooring guarantees its beauty is maintained and improved. Continue reading

What To Use To Clean Carpet

You can maintain your carpets clean without the use of heavy cleaning equipment. It’s essential to take a step back and realize that there are effective ways to keep your carpet looking neat without the technology. So, what to use to clean the carpet? Continue reading

How to Shampoo the Carpet

Shampooing a carpet provides a far deeper clean than vacuuming and enhances the carpet’s life. So, how to shampoo the carpet? Read further to know more.

Carpets suffer as a result of our hectic, active lifestyles. The everyday foot traffic and the usual spills and stains ensure that you must clean them frequently. The hot water extractor, a machine built specifically for deep restorative carpet cleaning, can remove deeply ingrained filth and grime to maintain carpets as spotless as the rest of the décor. Continue reading

How To Protect Carpet

How to Protect Carpet

Even a low-cost carpet installation may run into the thousands of dollars range. Unfortunately, the low-cost carpet will quickly wear out, and you will find yourself spending thousands of dollars on a new carpet before you know it. Although a high-quality rug is more costly, it will last much longer. Even the highest-quality carpet, however, will eventually show signs of wear. Continue reading

How To Remove Mold From Tile Grout

Have you noticed your allergy attacks become frequent, but you are pretty sure that dust is not around the place? Well, you might want to check your tile grouts to whether they are still sparkling white. I don’t mean to scare you, but your cleaning doesn’t end with wiping your tile floors.

You might miss those growing molds in your grouts that need your attention. Continue reading

How To Clean Tile Grout

Tiles are durable, beautiful, and easy to clean, but cleaning the grout? That’s a separate story. Grout is vulnerable to stains due to its generally light coloration and porous nature. Fortunately, it is possible to repair and clean tile grout using home items and a little bit of elbow grease. Continue reading

How To Clean Carpets

Carpeting remains highly prevalent considering the extensive range of residential surface choices available today – stone, tile, laminate, vinyl, or wood. A carpet is an elegant and cozy choice for flooring and delivers the ultimate home vibe. Besides the comfort and warm vibes, it provides better insulation and sound-proofing than hard surface floorings typically offer. Continue reading

Tile Cleaning Tips

Scottsdale AZ Tile Cleaning Tips

Here are some important tile cleaning tips you should always keep in mind. General household cleaners not specifically safe for natural stone or tile are never suitable. These products can break down the sealer, thereby removing its protective properties and making the stone and tile grout susceptible to stains. Worse yet, many cleaning products, including those that contain lemon, vinegar, bleach, or ammonia can etch away the polish, discolor the surface, or even scratch your stone floors.

Many stores purchase cleaners with a harmful chemical that has a chelating agent in them. This agent breaks down and dissolves minerals in hard water. Since all stone is from minerals, these types of cleaners will dissolve and cause streaks over prolonged use. For the best results, it is recommended to use a neutral-based cleaner solution on your tile and stone floors. Epic Carpet and Tile Care LLC can clean and seal your Scottsdale AZ floors with top-of-the-line cleaning products and equipment. Our knowledge and experience can solve your most difficult tile, grout, and stone cleaning situations.

Grout Sealing Phoenix

Is sealing your Grout after cleaning a good idea? YesGrout Sealing Phoenix

Sealing is a question that comes up often as most people just purchase a Phoenix home with a house full of tile and grout. Sealing is a critical step prior to moving in. A typical family of 4-5 will make a home’s tile and grout dirty in less than 12 months. Typical tile and grout that is man-made which is either porcelain or ceramic make those surfaces susceptible to staining. It’s the grout that needs the attention, as grout acts like a magnet for dirt and debris to get trapped. This dirt and debris can slowly get to the point of permanent discoloration that has irreversible effects. In most cases, if you seal your grout prior to these incidents of dirt and debris you’ll limit the damaging effects on your grout. Most homeowners clean and seal their floors after they are filthy, that is, getting down on their hands and knees cleaning to the best of one’s ability, then sealing…The best way to ensure the floors are sealed properly is to hire a Phoenix professional tile and grout cleaning and sealing service, then seal immediately following.
So it’s true that sealing your grout can help prevent future issues with your floors.
When you first take over a new home, consider professional service immediately. Many people wish to seal their floors, however, have no idea what type of sealer to use, or how much to apply. It is a simple job but requires some knowledge to prevent what is called hazing, smearing, glossing, and more…Many people wish to have their floors natural, with no change. Your tile and grout are manmade and cannot be changed, don’t try to apply something that could make your life any worse than it actually is. Applying any type of wax or seal coating to the actual tile itself is not recommended.